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Registration Still Open for 2018 Fall Festival Outhouse Races




The Hopkins County Fall Festival is still accepting teams for their 1st Annual Outhouse Races. Teams gather and create home-made outhouses on wheels and compete in a relay race. The races will be on October 27th at the Gerald Prim Stadium parking lot. For more information see the guidelines below or to register contact Todd McCoy (903) 513-9377.


Outhouse Structure Rules:

Outhouses must be constructed of sturdy materials and able to withstand racing.No foam, glass or chicken wire may be used.All teams are expected to build their own outhouse. The wackier the better!

Outhouses should have four sides, a roof, a half door and resemble an outhouse. The door must be secured during the race.

Windows are allowed, but please do not use glass.

Any number of wheels may be used.Wheels of any size or shape are acceptable for use, just remember it’s a race.

Dimensions must be at least 3’ long x 3’ wide x 5’ high.

You must push or pull your entry, no motors or pedals allowed.Only manpower acceptable for moving the outhouse.No ropes or rope-like materials can be used for leverage.Added items used for mobility purposes must be properly secured.

Each outhouse must have a seat with a hole that one team member sits on during the race. The seat must be attached securely to the outhouse. The rider may hold onto some type of grasping device, which is suggested for safety reasons. (Oh *bleep* handles)

Each outhouse should have its name or theme displayed on the outhouse. Teams may advertise their company or product on the side of the structure. Be creative and use puns. However, no offensive language.

Each outhouse should have at least one roll of toilet paper within or upon the structure.

Outhouse must weigh a minimum of 200 lbs. unoccupied – be prepared to have it weighed.


Team Guidelines:

Teams consist of four people, one must be female; three members push (pushers) and one rides (pilot). One registered alternate is allowed for each team, but can ONLY be used in case of injury, emergency or for any other unpredictable circumstance. The alternate cannot be used to relieve a tired team member.

A helmet is strongly recommended for all participants but the team member riding in the outhouse IS REQUIRED to wear a helmet.

The outhouse participants must be at least 14 years old. There is no weight limit for the riders.

A mandatory waiver will need to be completed by all race participants. Persons ages 14-17 years must have waiver signed by parent or guardian.


Race Information:

The race will take place in the West parking lot of Gerald Prim Stadium and runEast and West parallel to Houston street.

Heats will be determined by drawing numbers randomly prior to the initial race.

Two outhouses will race in each heat. The winner of each heat will advance to the next round and the losing team will be eliminated.

During each race, teams will move their outhouses 100 feet East to the relay area,the rider completes three obstacles and then the team must return their outhouse with their rider 100 feet west to the starting line. Riders must remain seated in the outhouse from the start of the race until the outhouse and its team has crossed the end of the raceway line AND during the return trip.

Riders are the only team members that may participate in the relay portion of the race. Pushers may turn the outhouse around 180 degrees while the rider completes the relay portion.

The Relay portion of the race consists of the three obstacles. Shake the snake, Grab the Mag, and Changing of the Guard. Once each of the three obstacles are completed, in this order, the rider must return to their seat in the outhouse.

The Shake the snake obstacle requires the participant to remove a rubber snake from beneath a toilet mounted on a wooden pallet using only an extended grabbing tool or ‘reacher.’ Nobody likes a critter for company when taking care of their business. Although you may find other critters within the pallet, only the snake must be completely removed from the pallet.

The Grab the Mag obstacle requires the participant to correctly locate and retain a specific magazine from a full magazine rack.  A good article is essential for a positive sitting experience. The magazine must be kept and brought back across the finish line. Teams will receive their designated magazine assignment prior to the start of the race. The specified magazine may change from race to race and from team to team.

The Changing of the Guard requires participants to completely change the roll of toilet paper on a pedestal. Courteous outhouse users make good camping partners. The new roll must be brought by the team. The new roll must also be different from the roll required to be in each teams’ outhouse. The old roll may be discarded.

The team may not move their outhouse passed the raceway line back towards the starting line until their rider has sat on the seat of the outhouse.




All participants will receive an exclusive Outhouse Race t-shirt.

Judging will be based on timed finishes and cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

First: $300

Second: $200

Third: $100

Corresponding Bronze, Silver, and Gold toilet seat trophies will be awarded.

A “People’s Choice” award for the most creative outhouse will also be awarded.


Registration Guidelines:

Entry Deadline is October 12th, 2018. Only eight entries allowed.

No entry fee required.

Race registration and waivers may be emailed or mailed by October 12th, 2018.


Prior to the race:

Teams are strongly encouraged to display or show off their entrants during the fall festival parade. Outhouses may be pushed along the parade route or secured on top of a trailer/trailers and pulled along the parade route.


The day of the race:

Outhouses must be lined up and ready for viewing by the public one hour prior to the start of the race.





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