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MyPlate Jeopardy and Christmas Joys by Johanna Hicks



MyPlate Jeopardy

            I grew up watching the television game show, “Jeopardy,” and marveled at the intelligence of the competitors.  As I grew older, wiser, and more experienced, the mental challenge was refreshing, and my ability to answer several questions was invigorating.  As an educator, I’m always looking for fresh ideas to bring educational programs to life.  That made me think about the influences that inspired me to learn, and “Jeopardy” came to mind.

            A few years ago, a colleague from Dallas County partnered with me to develop “Diabetes Jeopardy.”  We came up with questions, answers, a home page listing all the categories and point values.  The power point program functions exactly like the game show, but all questions deal with the topic of diabetes.  “Diabetes Jeopardy” has been used with my diabetes classes as a fun way to wrap up the series.  In 2010, “Diabetes Jeopardy” won national recognition for Educational Technology through the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.  I have used the program numerous times and shared it with colleagues across the state.

            During the summer of 2017, another colleague and I were discussing our nutrition education programs, and pondered tactics to get the ideas across to our audiences in a fun, yet motivational way.  Thus, “MyPlate Jeopardy” came into being.  Using the same game show theme and template, we developed an easy version, including 15 questions, and a more challenging version with 30 questions.  The program has been used with the following audiences:

  • Multi-county 4-H Camp in Lone Star, TX
  • Hopkins County Foods project group
  • Kids’ Camp: Fun, Food, Fitness
  • 4-H Learn and Play Day, Gilmer
  • Winning with Nutrition, Gilmer High School
  • Hopkins County Master Wellness Volunteers
  • Approximately 230 individuals participated in the activity

MyPlate, Fight Bac (food safety), and Kitchen Safety are the three categories included in the power point.  The impact on participating groups was impressive.  Audiences showed a better understanding about nutrients that are unique to specific food groups (Vitamin A & C in different colors of fruits and vegetables, Omega 3-s in fish, etc.), learned the temperature danger zone and proper handwashing techniques to prevent food borne illness, sharpened their knowledge of kitchen safety (storing cleaning products in original containers and not place sharp knives in a sink of soapy water), and other topics.

As you are reading this column, my colleague and I attending the 2018 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Our Texas delegation is hosting the event, and this year’s conference has a record number of attendees!  “My Plate Jeopardy” was recognized for Educational Technology on the state level and Southern Region level (19 states).  We are proud to represent our great state of Texas, and I’m proud to bring home the honor.

If you are part of a civic group, women’s group, or other organization and would like to for me to present “MyPlate Jeopardy”, let me know and I’ll be glad to come.  Just be sure to give me plenty of advance notice!  You may contact our office at 903-885-3443.


Christmas Joys

            Good news and bad news…the 2018 Extension “Christmas Joys” Holiday program is scheduled for Monday, November 5, at the Southwest Dairy Museum.  Presenters are lined up, booklets are in the process of being printed, and volunteers have been recruited to assist with registration.  Two sessions will be available, each with the exact same information, so pick the time that best fits your schedule – 1:30 or 5:30 p.m.

            The bad news for some individuals is that the 1:30 session is almost full – less than a handful of seats remain.  The good news is that the 5:30session still has about 30 seats remaining.  We will continue to take reservations, and can place individuals on a waiting list once all seats are reserved.  In case of cancellations, we will notify those on the waiting list.  If you have reserved a seat and find that you cannot attend, please call our office!  We always have a waiting list, and we don’t want to them to miss out if space is available. 

            Cost of the program is only $5, payable at the door.  Each attendee will receive a goody bag and booklet with all the recipes, instructions for craft and sewing projects, hint/tips on managing the holidays, and more.  The Southwest Dairy Museum always provides luscious refreshments.  Please call 903-885-3443 to reserve a seat.  We must have a name and phone number for each seat reserved.


Closing Thought

You really shouldn’t say “I love you” unless you mean it.  But if you mean it, you should say it a lot.  People forget.  Jessica – age 8






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