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Officials Release Identity of Murder Victim.




The victim in the murder case involving the dumping of a body on Highway 67W was identified yesterday afternoon. The victim was 34 year old Rochelle Mims of Ft. Worth.

A Fort Worth man, Lucious Newhouse III, 54, is in Hopkins County Jail charged with Felony 1 Murder. 

Newhouse killed Mims in the Fort Worth area and then drove to Hopkins County. He went onto an open property on Highway 67W and dumped her body. He became confused on how to get back to the road and got his car stuck in a creek. He then walked to the road to try to find a ride and that’s when he was contacted by law enforcement.

Authorities found the body after following the tracks from Newhouse’s car into the open field. The female victim was killed by gunshot. Through the course of the investigation it was discover that the woman was murdered in Ft. Worth. Newhouse is being held on a $1 million bond. 





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