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Sulphur Springs ISD School Board Meeting Brief from Monday, August 13th Meeting

Sulphur Springs ISD School Board Meeting Brief from Monday, August 13th Meeting
  • PublishedAugust 14, 2018

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A regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Mon., August 13, 2018.



No one requested to address the Board during the Public Forum portion of the meeting.

A public meeting was held on the Sulphur Springs ISD’s 2018 proposed tax rate.  No one from the public was present for the meeting.



Information was presented re: Food Services purchasing for 2018-2019 school year.

2018-2019 faculty/Visitor meal prices announced.  Breakfast $2.25 and lunch $3.75

Kristin Monk reported on Meet the Teacher activities.

Elementary, Middle School, High School handbook changes for 2018-19 were presented.

TASB Localized Manual Update 111 was presented.  Local policies will be presented for approval at the regular September meeting.



Along with routine matters, the following were approved:

Changes to Concussion Oversight Team members.  Brad Abell is being removed and Cassie Ervin and Marcos Garza are being added.

Revised Child Nutrition Meal Payments and Charge policy.

Teacher appraisers and appraisal calendar for 2018-2019.

Purchase of Kajeet wireless internet system.

Property Casualty Insurance renewal for 2018-2019 with Texas Political Subdivisions (TPS).

General Fund, Debt Service and Food Service budgets for the Sulphur Spring ISD for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2019.

Ordinance 2-18 levying an annual ad valorem tax of $1.35048 ($1.04000 M&O and $0.31048 for I&S), per $100 cash valuation for 2018.

Special Education mediation agreement.

Adopted updated policy CCG(LOCAL).

Acknowledged Conflict of Interest Policy BBFA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL).

Application for Value Limitation Agreement from Solemio, LLC (Previously called Solemio Springs, LLC); authorize Superintendent to review the Application for completeness and submit the Application to the Comptroller of Public Accounts; authorize Superintendent to approve any request for extension of the deadline for Board action beyond the 150-day Board review period, as may be required.

Retain attorneys/consultants to assist the District in review and processing of the Application of Value Limitation Agreement from Solemio, LLC pursuant to Chapter 313 of the Texas Property Tax Code.




Wanda Whitmore                    Custodian                                Administration Building



Jim Bayuk                               Chief of Police                                    Dist-wide

Audra Latimer                         Science Teacher                    High School

Zearlene Roberts                    Social Studies Teacher           High School

David Westberry                     Math Teacher                         High School

Emily Westberry                     English Teacher                      High School


New Personnel

Cary Barnett                           Police Officer                          Austin Acad. Center

Leslie McDowell                      Head Start Aide                      Douglass ECLC

Adrienne Lilley                        Library Aide                             Bowie Primary

Nicholas Floyd                        Police Officer                          Lamar Primary

Stephanie Hughes                  Campus Secretary                 SS Elementary

Karen Jasmer                         SpEd Grade 4 Teacher          SS Elementary

Eileen Lira                               Title I Aide                               SS Elementary

Chanta Givens                        SpEd Aide                               Middle School

Rachael Haeberlen                 SpEd Aide                               Middle School

Chuck King                             Social Studies Teacher           High School

Tyler Lindsey                          Math Teacher/Coach              High School

Daymon Nash                         SpEd Aide                               High School

KayLee Wood                         Science Teacher                    High School


Personnel Change    New position/campus                      Former position/campus

Chandler Macek         KG ELAR Teacher/Bowie                  Library Aide/Bowie

Glynda Chester           Chief of Police/Dist-wide                    Police Officer/High School


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