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Tira News By Jan Vaughn April 13th, 2018





The Weir family celebrated Easter early, on Sunday, March 25th. They had Mexican food, and then the “usually competitive egg hunt.”  Yvonne reported, “Emmie won the prize egg, which had $10 on it.” She adds, “On Easter Dustin and Maria visited and he finally got my Christmas present (a greenhouse) put together. It is really nice and I have lots of stuff in there, since the cold front hit. I’ve planted lots of flower seeds. Guess we’ll see how it does.” She commented, “Robert’s squash, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and watermelons took a hit from the frost.”

On Friday Robert, Wesley, and Yvonne drove to Rowlett to watch Maria in a drill team performance. Yvonne says, “She did a great job.” The next day they went “thrift shopping” and Dustin took Wesley to skate. She adds, “He did really well, considering it was his first time on roller blades. He had a triangle PVC helper to assist him.”

Rylan Joslin, son of Landon and Laiken Joslin, celebrated his 6th birthday, with family and friends, at Skate Magic in Sulphur Springs on Sunday afternoon.

Chip and I took Tiffany, Kenden, and Jaidyn out for dinner on Friday evening, and then went to see the inspirational movie, “I Can Only Imagine.”

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