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Hopkins County Fall Festival Looking for Community Fundraising Support



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The Hopkins County Fall Festival has been a staple in Hopkins County, TX for going into its 49th year now and is part of our history! As a Non-Profit and a Board we try each year to make the festival successful and to honor the traditions that so many of you hold dear. We love putting on the Festival and being active in the community. We often ask for input and opinions from our Community on what types of events and entertainment you would like to see at the Festival. Everyone has such wonderful ideas and we try to accommodate them as best as we can. Unless you have been part of a Non-Profit or on a Board it is really hard to grasp how much work it is and financially what it takes to put on an event of this size each year. We have to pay for the use of the Civic Center, the High School, some events and the entertainment all without charging for entry to the Festival. We also provide scholarships to the winner of our Cover Girl Contest and do a donation to a Charity that benefits children in the area as well. Spring is the time of year that we need money coming in so that we can pay deposits to book the Entertainment and Attractions for the Festival. We as a Board are all on here voluntarily, all of us have full-time jobs and none of us get paid to be on the board or to do any of the work to put the Festival on each year. All of these things are wonderful time honored traditions to the Festival but like many people and businesses we too have suffered with the changes in the economy as well as with the unpredictable weather that can occur in October which can have a huge impact on the success of the Festival. We moved the Festival to October several years ago to once again have it the same time as the Stew Cook Off at the Community’s request and some years it has worked and others the weather has caused us to not have a profitable year. We value our Community as well as those who come from all over to attend the festival so much and decided to try something different this year and make it where the Community and those outside the Community that love the Festival can be more involved in such a cherished event here in Hopkins County by asking for donations. We do receive some Sponsorship from businesses which is greatly appreciated but if we want to continue to have the Festival and it to be successful we will need more support from the Community. One thing that is so wonderful about our Community is that we all support one another and we would really love your support! All Donations will be a Tax Deduction given our Non-Profit status. Thank you for your support!





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