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Hopkins County Sheriff’s Posse Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary




The Hopkins County Sherif’s Posse celebrated their 30th anniversary with party this Saturday.

Sometime in the early part of 1987 Highway Patrolman Roger “Tex” Maynard and Deputy Ken Wisdom began discussing the organization of a horse-mounted posse. After more discussion and thought the two officers approached Sheriff Mark Bassham with the idea. Sheriff Bassham advised that he would take the idea
under consideration. Afler conferring with other sheriffs who had posses in their jurisdiction, Sheriff Bassham gave his stamp of approval on the idea and informed Maynard and Wisdom to go forward with the idea. It was decided that the posse would be comprised of a maximum of forty (40) members. Members recruited must be of good moral character, with no criminal record and an interest in the support of Law Enforcement. Members also
must have a horse and transportation for it, in order to respond when called upon. The ranks were filled quickly with the original members coming from varied walks of life including bankers, law enforcement officers, business men and working individuals as well as several retired personnel. An organizational meeting was called on October 31, 1987 (Halloween night). All original members met at Aiguier Cemetery in the north part of Hopkins County where Sheriff Mark Bassham administered the oath of office. Sheriff Bassham appointed E. E. (Earl) Martin as the First Captain, Ken Wisdom as Lieutenant, and Roger “Tex” Maynard and John Jackson as Sergeants over “A” Platoon and “B” Platoon. The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Posse is under the authority of the sheriff and operates by a set of “By-Laws”. The Posse serves as a support to all law enforcement upon the agencies request with
approval from the sheriff. The Hopkins County Sheriffs Posse proudly serves the people of the county at no cost to the tax payers, each member being responsible for his own expenses. ‘







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