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Jimmy Lucas Announces Intent to Run for Sulphur Springs City Council Place 2




Jimmy Lucas has announced his intent to run for Sulphur Springs City Council Place 2.

“I am pleased to announce my intent for candidacy to the Sulphur Springs City Council. My single encouragement for seeking this position is solely based on the fact that I feel this community includes every aspect of the city, not just portions. If elected, I will be only prompted by the citizens of this community to ensure all departments are equally represented.”

A native resident of Sulphur Springs for 54 years, Lucas said choosing this city as his home has been key to his success in life, and it’s time for him to give back.

“The basis of my support has no boundaries. Demographics do not play a role in my campaign, as each citizen is equally important. My motto has always been that I am a proud supporter of “special people for special projects,” and I feel our community has too many special people for just a few special projects. My base is equality for all projects that pass through the chambers of the city council.”

If elected, Lucas plans to address the growing challenges facing the community including road repairs, taxation and business development outside of downtown. Additionally, fire/rescue, police services, parks and recreation and senior citizen services are a top priority for Lucas.

“If elected, I can ensure citizens that each vote made from this seat will be in the best interest of all citizens and all consumers for our city. I have no issue or reservation with questioning or going against the grain to guarantee all residents are represented.”

“Our city has reached a point where accountability needs to be addressed. If elected, I am confident I can seek, find and articulate to the residents of this city exactly where tax dollars are being spent. It is those dollars I intend to make sure benefit every department, citizen, neighborhood and business leader. I look forward to meeting with citizens, addressing the challenges and a positive campaign.”

A Facebook page for Jimmy’s campaign has been set up here. Citizens are encouraged to visit the page and reach out to Jimmy directly should they have any questions.





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