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Cheryl Fulcher Announces Re-Election Bid for the District Clerk of Hopkins County




Cheryl Fulcher has announced that she will seek re-election for the District Clerk of Hopkins County.

In making her announcement she stated that since being elected in 2015 it has been an honor and a humbling experience to serve the citizens of this county and the courts of our judicial system.  One of her first acts as District Clerk was to move the office and records of our courts to a new locations.   She states, “if not for my wonderful staff, that challenge would not have been met with such ease.”  At the same time, the Texas Supreme Court had set in motion the electronic filing of court documents for Hopkins County to be permissive on the Texas Courts Efile System.  Once again Cheryl gives credit to her staff, our local attorneys and the understanding judges in Hopkins County.

The District Clerk’s Office is now in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling to be paperless in Civil and Family Law Cases. Cheryl says her next challenge is in our criminal court to meet the mandated time of January 1, 2019 for criminal efiling.   “I feel confident that this challenge too will to be met ahead of schedule.”

When seeking the District Clerk position Cheryl promised the citizen of Hopkins County that she would secure the court records and maintain them according to the Texas State Library Retention guidelines.  The 1800 thru 1950 records have now been retrieved from offsite out of town storage.  The office is also working diligently towards moving a series of records from a local storage building to the office, checking scans and determining if retention has been met.

Cheryl Fulcher says she seeks re-election, “because I want to see the completion of the criminal Texas Efile system and the project that has been started on maintaining the older court records.  There are an array of duties a District Clerk must carry out each and every day.  But those duties I perform gladly and share them with my deputy district clerks who also serve this county.  Thank you.”





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