Home Local News Como Man Arrested for Deadly Conduct After Firing AR in Backyard

Como Man Arrested for Deadly Conduct After Firing AR in Backyard



A 26 year old Como man was arrested early this morning for Deadly Conduct. Officers were dispatched on a report of a person passed out in their vehicle on Gaskins St in Como. Officer made contact with the subject and escorted him into his residence where he were released from detention. The officer drove down the street to a church parking lot then heard 5-6 gun shots being fired in rapid succession from the area of the subject’s residence. Neighbors told the officer that the gun shots had come from the subject’s residence.

Officers searched the home and found the subject hiding in a closet of a child’s bedroom. An AR was located and the barrel was warm to the touch as if it had recently been fired. The subject stated he shot the gun off in his backyard at the ground. Officers surveyed the area and determined that residences were within range of being struck directly or indirectly by ricochet. The subject was placed under arrest for Felony-Deadly Conduct and booked into the Hopkins County Jail. Bond has not been set.




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