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Danna’s Southern Charm and The Florist Has Moved Back to 438 Gilmer St



Danna’s Southern Charm and The Florist is celebrating 20 plus wonderful years of service in Sulphur Springs, TX.  The story of “Danna’s” actually started back in 1989 with an enthusiastic young woman beginning her retail career and experiencing the ups and downs of Flea Markets and trade shows. As a teenager, Danna had spent time with an elder coworker who mentored her in retail and floral design.  Danna’s friend encouraged her to pursue her dreams and Danna’s mother believed that Sulphur Springs was the fastest growing little town east of Dallas. With her friend’s advice and having family ties to Sulphur Springs, Danna opened her first shop in Shannon Square and named it “Danna’s Old West”.  In Winnsboro, Danna’s family had been dealing in western wear, saddles and tack, so her own western store was a natural progression.  But Danna’s true passion would always be antiques or as her husband, Clint, refers to it as “junque”.  This passion for old vintage and unique items is one she greatly shared with her mother, Lola.  So in 1991, Danna got her first booth in Canton setting up at “The First Monday Trades Days”.  Shortly after this, Danna closed her western store and dove into “Junque” with mall spaces in the “Dusty Attic” and in Gladewater with Canton being her mainstay.  In 1997, Danna obtained the 309 East Industrial location marking the beginning of “Danna’s” at that location.  Then in 2004, she was given the opportunity to purchase The Florist at 438 Gilmer Street.  With her businesses growing, she felt the need to combine her stores to better serve her customers and the community.  In 2011, Danna moved The Florist from Gilmer St. to the gift shop location on Industrial Dr.  The years passed and the businesses were continuing to expand and the Canton business was flourishing.  So she opened The Event Center on Gilmer St. where you could rent and hold special events and rent items for weddings, showers, parties, etc.  Then the revitalization of the downtown area began and Danna started thinking about moving back to Gilmer St. because there was a lot going on in the downtown area and she wanted to be a part of it.  With her love and knowledge of vintage items growing, Danna decided to make her dreams come true.  So after much prayer and preparation, Danna has moved back to 438 Gilmer St.  With Gilmer St. being the main artery to the downtown district, “the heartbeat of the city”, this is where Danna wants to be. Danna and her staff have adopted the BUFFALO as the store’s mascot standing for strength and longevity.  A huge buffalo statue stands out in front of the shop. and “Buffalo Girl” shirts can be purchased inside the store.

Danna wants her friends and customers to know that they can still expect that downhome atmosphere and now they can find everything they need in one place.  We’ll be keeping our best lines and bringing in new items of vintage and eclectic “junque” because this is what she loves.  Danna and her staff are hoping that their friends, family, customers and visitors will find this new location much more accessible and convenient and we’ll be closer to the Downtown Revitalization District.  Now, the gift shop, florist and rental center will be in one location.  Although we still have the Event Center, the building can no longer be rented for events.  Now it holds everything you might want or need for that special occasion.  Whether it be for a huge wedding or gathering or small intimate dinner, we have everything there for you to shop from.  Danna can help you select exactly what you will  need to make your day one to remember.  Now for the most exciting news of all, Danna has begun to embark on another of her long time dreams of creating the Annual Winnsboro Flea Market/Swap on Hwy 11 in Winnsboro, TX to be held each year on the second weekend in October and thebiannual Flea Market and Swap Meet to be held at the Hopkins County Civic Center in Sulphur Springs, TX to be held in April and November of 2018.  Having been in Canton for 27 years, Danna’s customers and friends now span across the state and country.  With their support for this endeavor, Danna began to make this dream a reality.  The first event will be Danna’s FleaMarket Style/Swap in Winnsboro, TX, the home of Autumn Trails on October 12, 13 & 14, 2017.  Danna and her staff are currently in search of vendors and are urging everyone in the surrounding communities to take part in this upcoming event.  This will be a buy, sell and swap meet, so anyone with anything to buy, sell or swap is welcome. The types of vendors that we are searching for include homemade food items, furniture (repurposed/fixer-upper), vintage jewelry, guns & hunting supplies ,used fishing materials, baby boutique items “junk” booths, tool booths, new clothing boutiques, equipment (used farm) & (lawn), garage sale booths or clean out your closet booth  and used baby items. Danna and The Buffalo Girls are hoping that everyone east and west of Winnsboro on Hwy 11 participates. Even if you can’t join us at our event location, we are urging you to hold your own yard sale along Hwy 11 east and west of Winnsboro.  We want this event to become one of the best Flea Markets in East Texas.  One that everyone comes back to each year and has a wonderful time buying, selling and trading.  For more information, you can call Danna @ 903.439.7091or check us out on Facebook…Danna’s Flea Market Style and Swap Winnsboro, Texas.  Limited booth space is available. Plans for the next big event are also underway!  Danna is in the process of creating the Biannual Flea Market/Swap Meet to be held in the Hopkins County Civic Center, Sulphur Springs, Texas each year on the second weekend in April and the second weekend in November. The first event will be happening on April 12, 13 & 14, 2018.  This will also be a buy, sell or swap meet and we are looking for vendors with specialty items.  We have booths available inside and outside of the Civic Center and prices will vary depending on the size and location of the booth.  Danna is hoping for vendors from across the state and country.  She wants to make the Biannual Flea Market/Swap Meet one of the biggest and best in the State of Texas.  In order to make this dream come true, we are inviting everyone to take part and make this one of the most enjoyable Flea Markets that you have ever attended.  The revenue generated from the participants and visitors of this event will affect retail, downtown businesses, dining, lodging & bed/breakfasts in our local economy and enjoyed by all. We are so excited about all the happenings in our area and Danna wants everyone in our community to get excited too! For the latest happenings and information, keep up with us on Facebook.



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