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Senior Citizens Center Ice Cream Freeze Off on Thursday July 13th

Senior Citizens Center Ice Cream Freeze Off on Thursday July 13th
  • PublishedJuly 11, 2017

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Below is all of the YUMMY flavors of Ice Cream that you will be able to sample on Thursday, July 13th at 2:00 at the Senior Citizens Center.
YOU will be the judges:  Everyone will get 3 poker chips when they come in.   You will taste all of the wonderful flavors and then vote for your FAVORITE 3 flavors by putting ONE poker chip into each of the bowls in front of the 3 flavors that you like.
We will count up the poker chips and the bowl with the most chips will win 1st place. The one with the next highest amount of chips will win 2nd place and then the one with the next highest amount of chips will win 3rd place.
Come get out of the heat and bring your appetites with you.
Marcie Gammill, Abaccus – Banana Nut
Leanetta Pryor, Hopkins Place – Rocky Road
Adam Whitson – Malted Vanilla
Stacey Wetzel, CIMA Hospice  – Butterfinger
Michelle/Judith, Wesley House – Cherry Nut
Jo Alice McCue – Banana Pudding
Fran, Legacy Hospice –  Peach
Carlie Penson – Strawberry
Henry Penson – Vanilla
Jennifer, Tina and Amber, Rock Creek – Cherry Vanilla
Shanna Martin, CANHelp –  Pina Colada
Debbie Jones, SSHR – Trail Mix
Sally Coston, Brooks Hearing – Butterfinger
Vicki Pickle, Grocery Supply – Chocolate
Charlotte Baxter, Carriage House Manor – Chocolate Toffee Crunch
Bobbie Hendricks – Vanilla
Jo Bradford – Coconut
Richelle Johnson, Centric Healthcare  – Vanilla
Shirley Brock – Fruit Medley
Christine Jackson, Serenity Home Health – Vanilla


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