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SSISD School Board Briefs from May 8th Meeting



A regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Monday, May 8, 2017.




Lydia Burleson was recognized as Valedictorian of the Class of 2017.


Tori Mattison was recognized as Salutatorian of the Class of 2017.




The Board was given the following Head Start items for informational purposes only:

Head Start Director’s Report for April


Ron Cardwell, Gallagher Construction Services, presented an update on the stadium renovation project.


Kristin Monk presented a report on the School Health Advisory Committee for 2016-17.


Sherry McGraw presented information re: change in process of securing of deposits at City National Bank.


McGraw presented information re: catalog discount requests for proposals.


Josh Williams presented updates to the Campus and District Improvement Plans.




Along with routine matters, the following were approved:


Order authorizing the Issuance of Refunding Bonds, Establishing the Parameters for the Refunding and Delegating Authority to the Administration.


Unopposed incumbent board members Robert Cody & Robbin Vaughn were sworn in for another three-year term.


The board officers were elected as follows:


President-Leesa Toliver, Vice President-Robbin Vaughn, Secretary-Robert Cody


School Health Advisory Committee members were approved for 2017-2018.


Breakfast and lunch prices for adults & visitors were approved at $2.05 for breakfast and $3.60 for lunch, effective May 10, 2017.


Budget amendment to allow for increase to CTE budget.


Funds for Ag Shop remodel project.


Funds for welders.


Board Briefs


Page 2




Funds for welding booths.


Funds for CTE textbook purchases.


Funds for lease/purchase of iPads.


Funds for lease/purchase of maintenance equipment.





Sherry McGraw gave board members copies of the first preliminary budget summary.  Members discussed the summary.  The next work session will be on June 13.





Billy Young                              Maintenance Worker                          Dist-wide

Kathy Houchins                      Librarian                                              High School



Zander Smith                          Strings Teacher                                  Dist-wide

Nicole Johnson                       Kindergarten Teacher                         ECLC

Rachael Johnson                    Kindergarten Teacher                         ECLC

Alison Thompson                    Grade 2 Teacher                                Bowie

Laura Owens                          Grade 3 Teacher                                SS Elementary

Clay Hansford                         Gifted & Talentend/ELAR Teacher    Middle School

Natalie Martino                        Asst. Athletic Trainer                           Middle School

Kaley Williams                                    Science Teacher                                High School


New Personnel

Kristin Brown                           Campus Secretary                             ECLC

Sarafina Clayton                     Grade 2 Teacher                                Bowie

Sy Lucas                                 Grade 1 Teacher                                Lamar

Renee Johnson                       Grade 3 Bilingual Teacher                  SS Elementary

Jovona Schmidt                      Grade 3 Teacher                                SS Elementary

Kimber Thompson                  Grade 3 Teacher                                SS Elementary

Cheryl Vickery                                    SpEd Aide                                           SS Elementary

Amanda Williams                    Grade 4 Teacher                                SS Elementary

Pamela Carter                                    Culinary Arts Teacher                         High School

Jason Meskimen                    Economics Teacher/Coach                High School

Amanda Griffith                      SpEd Aide                                           Austin Academic Center


Personnel Changes              New position/campus                      Former position/campus

Bridget Albert                          SpEd Aide/ECLC                                SpEd Aide/Middle School

Angel McCoy                          SpEd Aide/SS Elementary                 Instructional Aide/AAC

Mariana Hernandez                Grade 2 Bilingual Teacher/Travis       Bilingual Pre-K Teacher/ECLC

Sonia Cordova Yanez             Campus Secretary/Travis                  Title I Aide/ECLC

Brooke Howard                       Gifted & Talented & ELAR/SSMS      Grade 3 Teacher/SS Elementary



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