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SSHS Art Department Using 3D Printer to Make Popular Fidget Spinners




Everyone with kids has seen the recent fidget spinners fad take off lately. The SSHS Art Department has been making their own versions of the popular fidget spinners. A student approached Art teacher Philip Dick during the beginning of the spring semester and asked if he could help him make a fidget spinner out of popsicle sticks that he had seen on YouTube. Mr. Dick could do it but he thought there was a better way. So he found 3D printer designs for fidget spinners and began producing them for students. He eventually even began using his own designs. The idea took off and now the students have purchased over $4,000 worth of spinners from the SSHS Art Department. Mr. Dick got so busy that he’d start the printers before school and after school he’d stay as late as 8pm finishing the next day’s batch.



The larger spinners are $8 and the smaller ones begin at $4. They’ve now sold the spinners to students at every level from high school to elementary. Special education teachers are even finding success in using the spinners to help calm and focus special needs students. Chain stores have sold out quickly but Mr. Dick has kept the Art department supply of fidget spinners steady and stocked! This is a great way to buy local and help out a great education department. You can reach Mr. Dick at 903-885-2158 extension 2264 or pdick@ssisd.net. He will be away on a field trip tomorrow but he will be back at school on Thursday May 11th.

Tropical Sno also sells fidget spinners at their League and Main St. location if you’re looking to buy local!




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