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Hopkins County Commissioners Court Agenda for March 27th




TIME: 9:00 A.M.
DATE:Monday, March 27th, 2017
PLACE:In The Commissioners’ Courtroom On The First Floor Of The Hopkins County Courthouse Located At 118 Church St., Sulphur Springs, TX.
Pledge Of Allegiance To The Flag
TEXAS FLAG: “Honor The Texas Flag; I Pledge Allegiance To Thee, Texas, One State Under God, One And
The Following Items Will Be Considered By Commissioners’ Court For Discussion And/Or Action:
The Court May Go Into Executive Session To Discuss Legal And/Or Personnel Matters.
1) The Court To Declare A Quorum.
2) Consent Agenda.
i) Approve Previous Meeting Minutes.
a) Regular Meeting –3-13-17
Work Session – 3-13-17
3) The Court To Consider Citizens Comments.
4) Other County Business.
i) The Court To Reauthorize The Tax Abatement Policies For Businesses In Hopkins County.
ii) The Court To Approve And/Or Consider A Rider To Change The Principal’s/Insured’s Name On The Official Bond Of
Shannah Walker To Shannah Howle.
iii) The Court To Consider Approving An Internal Control System Regarding FEMA Grants.
iv) The Court To Consider Placement Of “NO THRU TRUCKS” Signs On County Road 1174 Between Hwy 154 And (Arbala
Road) FM 2297. Purpose Is To Re-Direct Truck Traffic To Nearest State Roadway That Is Designed To Withstand The
Heavier Weighted Vehicles.
v) The Court To Consider Approving The Extension Of County Road 4589 From .8 Mile To 8.65 Tenths Of A Mile Located In
Precinct 4.
vi) The Court To Review The Racial Profiling Report From Bill Allan, Constable, Pct. 2.
vii) The Court To Consider Approving The Outside Audit Performed By The Firm Of Rutledge, Crain & Company, PC.
viii) The Court To Consider The Possible Closure Of County Road 2309 In Precinct 2.
ix) The Court To Consider Approving A Residential Lease Of A Single-Family Resident On Highway 19, Precinct 1.
x) The Court To Review Monthly Reports From County Offices.
5) The Court To Consider Approving Budget Amendments And Line Item Transfers.
6) The Court Will Consider And Act On Payment Of Bills, Revenues And Expenses And Financial Statements.
7) The Court To Consider Approving Grants.
8) The Court To Consider Accepting Donations.
i) Donation To Precinct 1.
9) The Court To Consider Contracts.
10) The Court Will Consider And Act On Personnel Matters.
11) The Court To Consider Disposal Of Asset Request.
12) The Court To Approve Resolutions And Proclamations.
i) Resolution – National Service Recognition Day
13) The Court To Adjourn.



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