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Hopkins County Sheriff and Trustees Assist Texas Ramp Project




We received the following e-mail yesterday and wanted to share it with our readers. Good work deserves to be recognized!

“My name is Misty L. Walker I am a social worker employed by Heart to Heart Hospice in Sulphur Springs, TX.  Social workers are dependent on resources available to serve their clients and meet needs.  Recently I was working with the Texas Ramp Project, John Laine who was assisting a client with receiving a ramp which would allow the client to have access outside of his home.  Mr. Laine was experiencing difficulty locating volunteers in the area to assist with this project.  After networking assistance from Andrew Kuiper of Outback Custom Homes and Jonathan Newsom; an attorney in Sulphur Springs, TX, I was connected with Sheriff Lewis Tatum.  Sheriff Tatum offered assistance without hesitation and with very little notice.   Sheriff Tatum and a group of trustees from Hopkins County teamed up with John Laine from the Texas Ramp Project, and built a ramp allowing a client the chance to leave his home at leisure and made one person very happy.  Sulphur Springs is my home and my community, and today I am boasting with pride after witnessing individuals come together to serve a purpose and make a difference.  Sheriff Tatum and the trustees which assisted are a valuable resource to this community, they have my gratitude.”



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