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Stories Around Texas for March 15, 2017




On Tuesday, the Texas state senate gave initial approve to a bill that would require people to use restrooms and other facilities that match the gender on their birth certificate. The vote, 21 to 10 largely along party lines, came after a contentious five-hour debate in which opponents of the bill argued that the measure will hurt transgender people and supporters argued that it is necessary for privacy and safety. A final vote is likely to occur Wednesday. Click Here to read the full story.


A newly-proposed bill aimed at protecting police is beginning to gain traction at the State Capitol in Austin. Senate Bill 12 would set aside $25 million for a grant program to help equip officer with heavy, military-like protective vests. Click Here to read the full story.


A 67-year-old Dallas homeowner protesting a tree trimming, climbed up and stayed in her tree for a while Monday morning, reports CBS Dallas / Fort Worth. Jerilynn Huber said she organized her solo sit-in to protect her tree from unwanted trimming by Oncor — a utility company in Texas. Click Here to read the full story.


Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trump’s Border Wall. The government offered $2,900 for 1.2 acres near the Rio Grande. If Flores chooses not to accept the offer, the land could be seized through eminent domain. Click Here to read the full story.



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