Cub Scouts Host Pinewood Derby
Workshop, in Pickton, Saturday


by: Bobby McDonald



Can you remember constructing your very own pinewood derby entry, when you were in Cub Scouts? Well, that was just what a large group of Cub Scouts, from Pack #75, were doing on a rainy Saturday morning, as they received help and instruction from leaders. Those special memories were unfolding in Hollie Hall, at the Pickton United Methodist Church, where Cub Scouts were busy making their very own pinewood derby entries.



With blocks of wood, sandpaper, paint, and other tools, the youth were trying to make a model that would win the competition, later in the month, as they will conduct their races.




"We're thankful for this workshop, because we had no earthly idea, what were doing," bemoaned one mother. "My husband said it was so long ago that he built his, that he couldn't even remember how it was done!"



"We definitely needed some help!" agreed another set of parents, who helped their son follow the instructions.




"Wouldn't Hollie Swatsell be proud to see all of these kids working on these projects in the building that bears his name?" inserted Sissy Brumley, one of the local scout leaders. "He's having the time of his life, seeing all of this action!"



"And, it is always much more fun, when a group of individuals get together and work on a project," inserted one of the scout leaders. "That way, there are laughs, some good natured teasing, and just great fellowship to get the project completed!"

Some great entries were "taking shape" from Pickton, so look forward to a "great race" as the Pinewood Derby Day approaches!