YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Farm bill is good for everyone Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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The completion of the farm bill is good news for everyone, though a lot of folks don’t know it.

If you live on a farm, dependent on growing things, you know it’s the risk management tools in the farm bill that make it so important. For folks off the farm, it’s the same thing.

From that perspective, risk management helps farmers stay on the farm providing national security in things like food, fiber, shelter and thousands of jobs.

For farmers, it’s easier to get financed when bankers know their farmers can fall back on risk protection tools in the farm bill—things like crop insurance.

Of course, this farm bill has nutrition assistance for the hungry, funding for animal health programs and protection of the environment.

In Texas, one in seven jobs is dependent on agriculture and the farm bill protects a lot of jobs.

It might be a farm bill, but when voted on, it will be for everyone.






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