YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE-Weather: Agriculture’s age-old challenge Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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Nothing illustrates agriculture’s enormous risk like weather. Few businesses can be disrupted by Mother Nature’s whims quite like growing crops and livestock.

In the summer, farmers crane their necks to the sky with the hope of seeing a rain cloud. Few farmers will ever complain about a rain, but clearly, there are times when too much is problematic.

Like now for instance. Throw in some snow like we’ve seen on the Texas High Plains, and you can have a mess. Cotton is still in the fields and will be affected by the rain and snow. Cold, wet weather presents challenges in caring for livestock.

That’s to say nothing of spring thunderstorms that can pound crops into naked stalks with a downpour of hail.

On the bright side, stock tanks and ponds should be near capacity when the dry season starts. The cold winter some predict could kill more crop-devouring pests. The soil moisture profile should be good when the crops need it.

It’s all a gamble. Something farmers and ranchers understand very well.






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