City of Winnsboro Releases Statement Regarding Feed Mill Fire and Evacuations

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From the City of Winnsboro:

The Fire at Valley Feed Mill involved Ammonium Nitrate and the safest course of action is for the fire to burn itself out. The product is an irritant to eyes, nose and respiratory functions.

We are evacuating everyone within a ½ mile radius around the location of the fire which is 1211 E. Coke Rd., Winnsboro, Tx.

Anyone outside of this radius should shelter in place and refrain opening windows, etc. Basically protect yourself from any type of smoke.

People with any respiratory type illness – including but not limited to COPD, Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc., should remain inside and they should continue their current medical regimen.

One Assisted Living Home, (Autumn Winds), is being evacuated as a precaution due to the proximity of the fire.

Currently setting up an information/hydration shelter for those evacuated at WISD Rock Gym at 100 Newsome Street, Winnsboro.

An ambulance has been staged at the Winnsboro Fire Station at 501 S Main, Winnsboro for any citizens that have any medical issues related the fire.






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