Latest Poll Confirms Collier Surging: Data Shows Lt. Governor Patrick in Trouble

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Houston, TX — TODAY, a poll released by the Conservative outlet, Breitbart shows Democratic Lt. Governor Nominee, Mike Collier within two points of Republican Dan Patrick.



Per Collier, “I’m not shocked in the slightest at these latest poll numbers. Texans have been rejecting Dan Patrick’s record in office for a long time.”


“Patrick grows more unpopular every day and offers no honest solutions to the problems we face. This latest poll, released by a known Conservative leaning outlet, shows Texans of all stripes are catching on to his nonsense and are ready for change in the Lt. Governor’s office.”


“Texans demand honest, responsible leadership and are rejecting Dan Patrick’s stunts and gimmicks. As more Texans get to know me, they’ll trust that I am working for them.”


Collier is available for phone interviews this week. If you would like to get additional comments from Collier in regards to this latest poll, please contact Scott Spiegel to make arrangements.



  • In the 2018 Texas primary, more voters chose Democrats or an alternative to Dan Patrick in the Lt. Governor election.

  • Patrick’s Republican opponent, Scott Milder, endorsed Mike Collier and has actively campaigned on his behalf.

  • Democrats doubled their primary turnout from 2014, while the Lt. Governor saw an astounding 20% drop-off in votes from the Gubernatorial primary race.


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