Selecting New Mayor and More on Agenda for Tuesday’s Sulphur Springs City Council Meeting.

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JUNE 5, 2018                

7:00 P.M.


The regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs City Council will be held at 7:00p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 in the Council Room at 201 North Davis Street.  The following items will be discussed:


  1. Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag, Texas Flag, and invocation.


  1. Oaths of Office will be given to Councilwoman elect Erica Armstrong, Councilman elect Jimmy D. Lucas, Councilman elect Norman Sanders, and appointed Councilman Doug Moore.


  1. Discussion/action on selection of Mayor Pro Tem.
  2. Discussion/action on selection of Mayor.


  1. Presentations, proclamations, and announcements.

(A)      Kidney Cancer Awareness


  1. Manager’s report will include a status report of capital improvements, wastewater treatment plant operations, accidents and claims for the month, and a review of expenditures and revenues.      


  1. Discussion/action on Consent Agenda.


  1. Discussion/action on public hearing for second and final reading of Ordinance No. 2724 for a request by the Hopkins County Hospital District to rezone Lots 3, 4, and 5 of Block 409-1 from Multi-Family (MF) to          Professional Office (PO).


  1. Discussion/action on the Capital Improvement Plan for 2019–2023.


  1. Discussion/action on bids and award of contract for piping and fittings for the Cantex Capital Improvement Project.


  1. Discussion/action on bids and award of contract for boring at Highway 11 East and Cantex.


  1. Discussion/action on Resolution No. 1150 authorizing the city to establish an account in its name with TexPool Prime for the purpose of investing local funds.


  1. Discussion/action on Resolution No. 1151 amending resolution No. 1147 supporting the Texas Capital Fund application.


  1. Discussion/action on board and commission appointments for the (1) Economic Development Corporation, (2) Zoning Board of Adjustment, (3)         Airport Advisory Board, (4)Sulphur River Municipal Water District Board,   (5) Library Board, (6) Board ofTourism and Promotion, (7) Construction             Board of Adjustment and Appeals, (8) Planning and Zoning Commission,   (9) ARK-TEX Council of        Governments, (10) Revolving Loan Fund            Committee, and (11) Downtown Revitalization Board.


  1. Discussion/action on changes to personnel policy regarding the Police Department.


  1. Discussion/action on moving the City Council meeting scheduled for July 3rd to July 10th.


  1. Visitors and public forum.


     18.       Adjourn.



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