Tonight’s Hopkins County Genealogical Society Monthly Meeting Includes Program on Dating, Identifying and Preserving Old Photographs

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Betsy Mills, President Lamar County Genealogical Society, will present a program on Dating, Identifying and Preserving Old Photographs at tonight’s monthly meeting of the Hopkins County Genealogical Society.
Several years ago, Betsy received a large envelope full of unidentified photographs of her father’s family. The quest to identify those photographs has evolved into sharing tips and techniques to help others learn to identify and share their own photos. 
Old photographs provide a window to our ancestors’ lives. Learn how to identify them by analyzing the type of photograph, the people in the photograph, the styles in the photograph and other often-missed clues. Preserve those photographs by scanning and sharing them! This interactive session engages the audience and inspires them to go home and work on their own unidentified photographs.

The meeting will be held at 611 N. Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, Texas.


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