YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Farmers and their friends Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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There is never any shortage of folks seeking a role as a spokesperson and protector of the American farmer. In fact, that question has already been settled. Farmers are pretty stubborn about speaking for themselves. They usually do so through organizations created for that purpose. Some are general farm organizations and some commodity specific.

This is the best guide to what farmers are thinking and what they are “for” and “against.”

In the political season, spotting a friend of agriculture can be difficult. Watch what is said about core property rights issues like eminent domain and regulations. What are they saying about the farm bill and its risk protection for agriculture?

There are organizations expressing concern for the “family farmer.” What is on their list of solutions for agriculture? If they say farming decisions are best left in the hands of those actually working the land, then they are likely friends.

If they want those decisions taken away from farmers and ranchers and given to central planners, then not so much.




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