YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE-Agriculture’s ‘fake news’ problem Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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Newsweek has deemed “fake news” is the word of the year for 2017, with usage up 365 percent.

I’ll let you define it for yourself, but I submit that agriculture has a fake news problem. The anti-agriculture tribe has produced a lot of it. It’s even more prolific than wild hogs in Texas.

A crushing weight of evidence is almost always on agriculture’s side. Name the topic: GMOs, food safety, agricultural chemicals, clean water, corporate farming and more. Reporters often get it right, sometimes not, but fake news is widely manufactured and spread on the Internet. Cherry-picking evidence, leaving out inconvenient facts or just inventing claims out of whole cloth are examples.

An avalanche of fake news about agriculture is only a click away.

Americans enjoy the safest, most plentiful and most affordable food supply the world has ever known. Everything else is mostly just fake news.



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