Shannon Oaks Church Members Reveal Remodeling of Dedicated Volunteer Zina Young’s Home

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Shannon Oaks Church members revealed the remodeling of Zina Young’s house last night. Church members wanted to uplift Ms. Young in the same way she’s lifted up those in our community. Zina has been a member of Shannon Oaks for over 30 years and an employee of SSISD for 28 years. Zina has been a dedicated volunteer in our community and the church members told me they felt like God put this project on their heart. Church members began organizing the project in the spring and raised donations ranging from $50 to $5,000.

When they asked Zina what she wanted during the remodeling, all she asked for was for the washer and dryer to be inside of the house. Zina’s humility and dedication was rewarded with much more beyond that. The house looks like the after part of Fixer Upper. It’s absolutely gorgeous The church members went above and beyond in the project. The home will be a beautiful place for Zina to entertain her children and grandchildren in the years to come.



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