YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE- Livestock lock in food security Presented by Texas Farm Bureau Mike Miesse

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Land is limited, and the population continues to grow.

An analysis published earlier this year from the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization shows livestock, even those that consume grain, are key to our food security.

They make use of marginal lands that aren’t good for crop production, turn co-products into foods for us to eat and consume dry matter that humans can’t eat.

But an alternate message is out there, stretching the truth. Some say vegan and vegetarian diets will better protect the environment, while still feeding a growing population. Baloney. It’s not possible. Some lands are good for little else but growing grass.

Detractors also fail to mention diversity in animal diets and the byproducts from those animals.

Livestock production is efficient in producing protein necessary for the food supply. We’re producing more with less and continuously improving, especially as the demand for meat is projected to grow.



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