Stories Around Texas for July 12th, 2017

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Texas students struggled more with passing their state required tests this spring than in 2016, according to preliminary results released. Click Here to read the full story!

A federal appeals court has granted a Texas death row inmate’s request for a review of his mental competence to be executed. Click Here to read the full story!

Investigators say a gang member and suspected armed robber on the Texas 10 Most Wanted list has been captured in Michigan. Click Here to read the full story!

Economic liberty is why the Lone Star State leads in job creation and in population growth over the last 10 years and why personal incomes have risen almost twice as fast in Texas compared to New York and well ahead of California. That’s also why Texas was recently named by CNBC as the Top State of the Decade, the “Top of the Tops” for business. Click Here to read the full story!





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