YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Without farmers, there is no food. Presented by Texas Farm Bureau

by Front Porch News 0


In agriculture, we live for today and plan for tomorrow. The future is often clouded with uncertainty. But a farm bill provides some assurance and stability—both of which are desperately needed for agriculture and consumers.

Those discussions have already started, although a final bill is still at least two years away.
But, in the process, some want to change the name to the Food Bill. While that may be well intentioned, I think it’s actually misguided.

Yes, the farm bill is about food. But without farmers, we don’t have food. There wouldn’t be any natural fiber. Without farmers, who will help protect our land, water and air? We aren’t food secure without our farmers. And that’s a scary thought.

That’s why it’s called the farm bill, and we need a strong one to serve as a safety net for farmers, affordable food for consumers and jobs for Americans.

Because it all starts on a farm.

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