Buddy and Ina Gore, of Sulphur Springs, hosted Saturday's 31st Annual Gospel Songfest, in
association with the Hopkins County Fall Festival.


31st Annual Gospel Songfest Features
Religious and Patriotic Music, Saturday


by: Bobby McDonald



The Herrin Family, from Ft. Worth , was one of the featured groups.


Saturday afternoons 31st Annual Gospel Songfest featured both religious and patriotic music for those assembled in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. Many from the area took advantage of a cool place to relax and enjoy the music show hosted by local entertainers, Buddy and Ina Gore. Featured on the program was The Herrin Family from Ft. Worth; The Pleasant Mountain Boys from neighboring Mt. Pleasant; and Psalm 100 from here in Sulphur Springs. Featured vocalist included Jason, Caleb, and Colton Frazier, as well as a patriotic number by Enola Gay.

"It was a great show!" expressed one of the attendees from Miller Grove. "What I like about this concert is the performers sang some of the old favorite gospel music, that many times you don't hear in church anymore."


The Pleasant Mountain Boys, offered, religious, bluegrass, and patriotic music to Saturday's show.


"And, I enjoyed the patriotic numbers as well," inserted another lady from Cumby. "I especially enjoyed them recognizing all of the veterans in the crowd and saying a prayer for our troops, who are defending our freedoms, today!"

A special prayer was offered for Mr. Sam Speed, who is a local gospel music icon, and in the hospital suffering illness.

"I came to hear the Frazier Boys sing!" expressed another local resident. "I just love to hear the boys and Jason sing, so naturally I was pleased with the show!"

"As long as the Lord is willing and you people keep coming out, we'll continue to host this facet of the Hopkins County Fall Festival," expressed Buddy Gore. "It certainly is nice to be in an air conditioned Civic Center, rather than the old trailer that we began on, out under the shade trees, 31 years ago! But, we certainly enjoy doing it and certainly hope the Lord is pleased with what we do!"


And, the local Psalm 100, was the other featured performers on Saturday's show.





Enjoy these scenes from Saturday afternoon's concert:



Jason Frazier lent his vocal talent to one of the numbers with Psalm 100.












Caleb Frazier presented the Star Spangled Banner as the local Military Coalition posted the colors.



Colton Frazier presented this version of Amazing Grace.