YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Keep the ‘thanks’ in Thanksgiving Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

by Front Porch News 0



Grumpy old 60-something that I am, I could amass an impressive list of pet peeves. Right there near the top is the lack of attention for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

I am annoyed by going into a superstore on the day after Halloween and being bombarded with Christmas carols to discover what I’m looking for has been displaced by several acres of decorations and fake trees.

I love Christmas, too, but few of us are unaffected by the pressure of that season. Thanksgiving is a much more relaxed holiday, focusing on family, food and football. My kind of holiday.

Speaking of being thankful—the abundance of food in our land is taken for granted.

Thanksgiving is partly about indulgence of traditional foods but be careful with that. It is, also, a symbol of plenty. And plenty is what we have because of our farmers, ranchers, scientists and the miracle of modern agriculture.

On Thanksgiving and every day, give thanks for a land of safe, abundant and affordable food.


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