Hopkins County Election Results for November 5th, 2019 UPDATED 8:45 PM

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City of Sulphur Springs Special Election for Bond Funding Construction of New Senior Citizens Center and Pacific Park Renovation:

For: 909

Against: 264

Bond passes.

City of Cumby General Election:


Douglas Simmerman-71

Ryan Horne-68

Simmerman wins.


Alderman Place 3

Guy Butler-90

Butler wins.

Alderman Place 4:

Betty McCarter-74

McCarter wins.

Alderman Place 5:

Julie Morris-59

Morris wins.


Cumby ISD $6.2 Million Bond for Facilities Improvements:

For: 183

Against: 192

Above total reflects Hopkins County only. Hunt County had 9 for and 10 against. Bond fails to pass.


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Lake Fork Special Utility District Proposition A

For: 9

Against: 2

Proposition passed

Lake Fork Special Utility District-One year term.

Mickey Delamar-5

Quin H. Martson Jr.-3

Ken Stribley-2

Delamar wins.


Lake Fork Special Utility District Director-Two Year Term

Gary Watson-5

Jerry McCord-2

Watson wins.


Lake Fork Special Utility District Director-Three Year Term

Keith Gilbreath-4

Robert Fisher-4



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North Hopkins Independent School District General Election

Charlie Vaughn-151

O. Ellis Dicus-78

Robert McPherson-99

Justin Holland-76

Sherry Smiddy -110

Vicki Hillis Ferrell-108

Andy Kendall-47

Vaughn, Smiddy, and Ferrell win seats on board.


Statewide Constitutional Amendment Voting for Hopkins County(Only Hopkins County results. Results determined by statewide tally.)

Proposition 1

“The constitutional amendment permitting a person to hold more than one office as a municipal judge at the same time.”

For: 1486

Against: 2055

Proposition 2

The constitutional amendment providing for the issuance of additional general obligation bonds by the Texas Water Development Board in an amount not to exceed $200 million to provide financial assistance for the development of certain projects in economically distressed areas.

For: 2164

Against: 1316

Proposition 3

The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for a temporary exemption from ad valorem taxation of a portion of the appraised value of certain property damaged by a disaster.

For: 3027

Against: 1316

Proposition 4

The constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of an individual income tax, including a tax on an individual’s share of partnership and unincorporated association income.

For: 3091

Against: 463

Proposition 5

The constitutional amendment dedicating the revenue received from the existing state sales and use taxes that are imposed on sporting goods to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission to protect Texas’ natural areas, water quality, and history by acquiring, managing, and improving state and local parks and historic sites while not increasing the rate of the state sales and use taxes.

For: 3209

Against: 337

Proposition 6

The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to increase by $3 billion the maximum bond amount authorized for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

For: 2160

Against: 1310

Proposition 7

The constitutional amendment allowing increased distributions to the available school fund.

For: 2635

Against: 862

Proposition 8

The constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the flood infrastructure fund to assist in the financing of drainage, flood mitigation, and flood control projects.

For: 2492

Against: 960

Proposition 9

The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation precious metal held in a precious metal depository located in this state.

For: 2492

Against: 960

Proposition 10

The constitutional amendment to allow the transfer of a law enforcement animal to a qualified caretaker in certain circumstances.

For: 3312

Against: 179



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