City of Cumby Puts All Call System In Place to Notify Residents of Important Information

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From the City of Cumby:

The City of Cumby now has an all call system in place. This system will alert any person or persons of any important information that needs to be sent out to any resident that wants to be informed. These calls could include tornado warnings, water boils, water leaks or anything of urgent nature the city feels necessary to inform our residents.

How this will work is any person or persons that would like to be added to this system will need to send their name and telephone number that you would like to be contacted at and either mail it, add a note in with your water bill or drop it by city hall in person. Please no phone calls! We want to ensure we get your information correct.

Please be patient as the city works through getting all numbers entered. There could be additional information to follow.

We will be advising all residents of this on each water bill but please feel free to share. Again, please, no phone calls!!




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