Social Media Helps Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Locate Teenage Female

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From Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office regarding missing teenager:

Facebook worked to help law enforcement again and for that we thank you. In reference to the young lady we were checking on, her mother shared the following information: “I can now officially say my sweet girl has been found and she is happy and healthy! She took a leap of faith and stepped out! I’m not happy the way it happened but she is figuring out who and where she wants be in life for herself and I can’t fault her for that! Thank you so very much to everyone for the love, support, and prayers in finding her! She gave us quite the scare but all that matters is our little darlin is okay! Sending out LOVE to each of you!! Couldn’t have done it without you all.”


Note: Front Porch News took down our earlier posts regarding the situation so it wouldn’t be spread further and cause confusion. Thank you to everyone who helped share this information.


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