Atmos Energy Performing Natural Gas Flaring July 9 through July 19

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Atmos Energy crews and contractors will oversee a controlled natural gas flaring beginning July 9 through July 19 from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Crush Junction yard located on Hopkins County Rd. 2319 east of FM 1870. This continuous work allows the company to work on a section of natural gas pipeline in the area as part of normal, routine maintenance operations.
“Flaring” is a standard industry practice to safely bum natural gas that must be removed from a specific section of pipeline so employees can work on the pipe. People in the area will notice a large, controlled flame and moderate noise during this process. Atmos Energy employees will be on site to monitor the process as natural gas is vented into the atmosphere.
The Hopkins County Fire Department, Sheriffs Department, 911 operators and city and county officials are being advised of the flaring prior to the work beginning July 9.



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