YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Farmers and Ranchers Don’t Give Up Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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Don’t give up.

Texas farmers and ranchers wear that philosophy like a badge of honor, because agriculture is difficult. It’s challenging, frustrating and one of the riskiest businesses of all.

Sometimes there’s too much rain. Crops don’t get planted or harvested. Like this year.

Sometimes it’s too dry. Cattle have little to eat. Crops wither in the field.

Sometimes Mother Nature is cruel. High winds or hail will devastate a promising crop.

Markets don’t always cooperate. Prices are low. Margins are thin or non-existent.

Sometimes all of this happens in one year. But farmers face these challenges head on.

They take the risk. Sometimes they win. Often, they lose. Yet they plant seeds or nurture a new calf crop again the next year.

Agriculture is more than a business. It’s a way of life. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but it’s always rewarding.

Farmers and ranchers don’t give up. We are all thankful for that.





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