YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: How about honesty in food marketing? Presented by Texas Farm Burea’s Mike Miesse

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In the U.S., the abundance of safe, affordable and abundant food has never been matched in the history of the world.

Why then are there so many attacks upon this production miracle?

I think of folks like Vani Hari, the self-styled “Food Babe,” or Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger.” They also sell a wide variety of supplements and other products to make up for what they tell you to avoid.

The list expands to corporate restaurants like Chipotle and Panera.

Panera, notably, has a “no-no” list of foods you should not eat, and therefore, “will never be in our pantry.”

The American Council on Science and Health exposed that recently. Many of the items on the list are impossible to avoid, especially if you consume protein.

Many of the items on Panera’s “no-no” list are manufactured by our own bodies. Panera can’t avoid serving it.

The truth is much modern food marketing is counting on a lack of science knowledge. Either these marketers were not paying attention in science class, or they would prefer to make money off what you do not understand.


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