Como Mayor Releases Statement Addressing Sewage Clogging Issues

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From Como Mayor, Darla Henry:

Please be careful what is being flushed down the toilets and being put down the drains. We are 9 days into this year and so far the City of Como has written $2700 worth of checks because mains/pipes are being stopped up.

Sinks/drains: please do not pour grease down your sink. This grease congeals and becomes rock solid. We’ve recently had to have 2 plumbers AND the City of Sulphur Springs come out to help unstop 12 foot of packed grease. 12 foot.

Toilets: please don’t flush any wipes (even flushable), tampons or other feminine products, or condoms down the toilets. These items clog our drains and the maintenance workers have to scoop them up. I’ve been to the waste water plant and have seen the clogged mess that is shoveled out, it is not pretty. Please dispose of condoms, tampons, wipes and other items in a trash can.

Thank you for helping us save money in 2019.

~Darla Henry, Mayor



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