YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Rural America still needs broadband Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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Remember when you got your first broadband Internet connection and left the clunking, shrieking sounds of dialup behind? It was so cool to see those images pop up instantaneously.

Unfortunately, this moment has not yet happened for many rural citizens.

Once considered a luxury, broadband is now essential. It’s vital information, education, marketing, security and other important parts of daily life. The Internet is about connecting with virtually everything.

Thirty-nine percent of rural households are still without broadband, compared to four percent in the city. That’s unacceptable for modern farmers and their rural communities.

Broadband allows farmers to be more sustainable and efficient with the latest technology.

Congress has provided $600 million in funding for USDA’s new e-Connectivity Pilot Program. The Farm Bill includes a Precision Agriculture Connectivity provision.

These are positive steps. It’s time to bridge the digital divide.


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