YOUR TEXAS AGRICULTURE MINUTE: Rain drowns hope for some Texas farmers Presented by Texas Farm Bureau’s Mike Miesse

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Mother Nature is a fickle lady when it comes to moisture, especially for Texas farmers and ranchers.

Too much. Not enough. Just right.

This year, rain has been unpredictable, devastating and wonderful. Sometimes all in the same area.

Cotton harvest was going full speed along the Coastal Bend. Then the deluge started. Some reported 20 inches of rain in September, a devastating blow during harvest. Too much rain deteriorates the fiber and leads to lower prices.

They’re not alone. Farmers in the Panhandle are also facing the wrath of Mother Nature. Rain has delayed corn harvest. But that’s not all. The freezing temperatures that followed the rains can also cause damage to the area’s cotton crop.

Yet farmers and ranchers in other parts of Texas could still use moisture. Just goes to show how big and diverse the Lone Star State truly is.

Most thank the Good Lord for the rain. Some are just asking him that it be spread out just a bit.





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